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    • Eindhoven Sandton Eindhoven Centre
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    • Brussel Sandton Brussels Centre
    • Sandton Pillows Brussels is gesloten van 7 juli t/m 7 september 2017. Vanaf 8 september 2017 verwelkomen wij u graag in ons nieuwe hotel Pillows Grand Hotel Place Rouppe.
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    • Côte d'Azur Sandton Domaine Cocagne
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Discover Eindhoven

Eindhoven is famous for Philips, PSV, and as Holland’s ‘Light Town’. Nowadays, Eindhoven is renowned as greenest city in Holland.

During your visit to Eindhoven there are many possibilities to satisfy your interests in culture, shopping and a night on the town. From the Van Abbe Museum with contemporary art to the many restaurants on ‘De Markt’.

As ‘Light Town’ Eindhoven has a reputation to uphold. This, however, is no problem with the organisation of GLOW every year, where the 650.000 visitors are treated to a surprising light show by many artists with light installations, sculptures, and projections.

And should you be interested in hiking or biking, then ‘De Kempen’ just south of Eindhoven has much to offer.

Sandton Eindhoven Centre is located in Eindhoven’s centre. Ideal for your visit to Eindhoven!

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