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Social Responsibility

We acknowledge the impact our hotel business has on its immediate surroundings and the environment. We take the effects of this impact seriously. As such, we monitor and actively take measures to minimalise these effects by adhering to an extensive Social Responsibility policy.

One example is Sandton Grand Hotel Reylof: Ghent’s greenest hotel. At Sandton Hotel Grand Reylof we constantly monitor energy and water consumption, and do the utmost to operate as ‘green’ as possible. For these efforts, we have been rewarded the socalled ‘Green Key’ by the Bond Beter Leefmilieu en Toerisme Vlaanderen. Read more about Ghent's greenest hotel here.

Another example is the support of Health Promotion South Africa Trust, established in South Africa. 'Prevention by Education' is given meaning by providing the necessary elementary health education and training to socalled Health Promoters, who in turn can educate the local population on hygiene and illness prevention. Read more about the cooperation between Sandton en Health Promotion South Africa Trust here.