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Sandton Hotels & Health Promoters

"I have had the privilege of personally witnessing the good work of the Health Promoters in the townships of South Africa. It is astounding what an immediate impact health education has on people and how basic knowledge saves lives! Sandton Hotels supports the great efforts made by Health Promoters day in day out. We hope you will too!"

- Rogier Braakman, CEO Sandton Hotels

Sandton Hotels has pledged to support the Health Promotion South Africa Trust by actively promoting its cause, and setting up a programme in our hotels to enable guests to make a contribution to Health Promoters: IT'S SO(AP) EASY TO HELP!

Prevention Through Education

Every year, thousands of people, especially children, needlessly die as a result of poor hygiene and illnesses such as diarrhoea, infections and other basic illnesses. These people could have lived if they or their loved ones possessed sufficient knowledge about hygiene and illness prevention. But unfortunately, they don't.

The Health Promoters of the Health Promotion South Africa Trust provide the necessary elementary health education and training to aid workers, who in turn can educate the local population on hygiene and illness prevention. Such as teaching simple measures like washing your hands with a bar of soap, eliminating germs that could otherwise infect and - if gone untreated - kill you.

Since it's start in 2010, Health Promotion South Africa Trust has trained 50.164 Health Promoters, all qualified to give health education. With your help we can keep on carrying out our mission: Prevention through Education.

The Health Promoters are very proud to have the blessing of Nobel Peace Prize Winner, Archbishop Desmond Tutu: "God smiles when looking at what the Health Promoters are doing. I support the Health Promoters and hope you will do the same."

The Health Promotion South Africa Trust is a non-profit organisation based in South Africa with supporting organisations in Europe and the United States through Friends of the Health Promoters Foundation.

Please visit www.healthpromoters.co.za for more information, become part of the Health Promoters' community on Facebook and Twitter, or feel free to contact us via info@healthpromoters.co.za.