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  • Unique Hotels, Great Locations, Pleasant Hospitality

  • Unique Hotels, Great Locations, Pleasant Hospitality

  • Unique Hotels, Great Locations, Pleasant Hospitality

Discover Sandton Hotels


What we have in mind for you; a few days with family, friends or just the two of you. We will surprise you with exceptional food. Food prepared with local and seasonal products. Prepared by Chefs who put their heart and souls into their dishes.

And after a pleasant diner, you can continue to enjoy your stay, in comfortable armchairs, in the lounge. Just before you end the day in a very comfortable bed.

How does this sound? Good? Then you really would be happy to learn more about our culinary packages of Sandton Chateau De Raay (Limburg) , Sandton IJsselhotel (Deventer) , Sandton Pillows Zwolle and Sandton Hotel De Roskam ( Rheden ).

Book now one of our culinary packages with 15% discount!


Are you looking for a holiday in the next few days - weeks - months? In our hotels we provide cozy moments on cold winter days.

Will it be a visit to the museums and monuments of Ghent, shopping in the beautiful city of Eindhoven or a luxurious experience in Baarlo?

In one or two days you can discover the best that these cities have to offer, but also during a long weekend these destinations are amazing.

Have a look at our city and shopping packages

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